Sunday, December 6, 2015

[TWITTER] 151207 Eli's Update (with Translations)

 Hello. This is U-KISS's Eli. Firstly I want to apolgize for my previous actions to my lovely family, members, our KISSme, people from nhemg & AVEX and everyone else who expressed worry for me.
 My actions caused a lot of shock, right? Although this time has been tough, I have not one regret with being a part of U-KISS. But because of my idol status, it makes it hard for my family to live with me.
 I wasn't able to keep it a secret any longer. I felt like a fool when I think of my baby or not feeling right not being able to go to the hospital. I did what I did for my family. I want to take full responsibility.
My family for almost ten years, my members, have been through a lot of trouble for this. I wanted to confess to you but each time I couldn't say it. I'm so thankful for my members who worry about me.

 To the long-time fans that I have hurt, thank you and I'm so sorry. To everyone who expressed their worries, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
 With everyone's blessing, I want work hard as U-KISS's member Eli and to be by my fans's side. I've become Eli who is the head of a family, a member (of U-KISS), a singer and I'm not ashamed of that.
Please give your blessing to my family & baby.
 Credits: EliKim0313+Trans by Rocketboxx+UKISSMEFOREVER08.BLOGSPOT.COM

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