Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our boys are too excited to go on a cruise!

I guess our boys are too excited to go on a cruise for 4 days! Well if I were them I would too ^^ Anyhoo today is the first day of their cruise with KissMe's. Here's some pictures from their twitter:

AJ tweeted: 

" Arrived in Jeju pupil detection..."

Kiseop tweeted:

"Wow~~~~!! So~~big^^ AnticipatingAnticipatingAnticipatingAnticipatingAnticipating^^"

Kevin tweeted:

"Came to Jeju to go on the cruise today! I'm nervous ㅋ Cruise ship! I'm looking forward to it! I pray for a safe trip~^^Riding a cruise today! I'm so excited~ It's huge!"

Hoon tweeted: 

I will perform respectively and come back...>_< Jjang big!!! hehehehehe"


All I have to say is... Have fun, enjoy, relax, and be safe! I will admit that I am jealous because some of the KissMe's can go and I can't go. (Hehehe) But I am super happy that they will a nice time with KissMe's. I wish I live in Korea right now and join them in this 4 days cruise. But yes I wish that they are going to have fun and relax. 


U-Kiss going on a cruise with JKM's for 4 days!

Description of the cruise

  • Kiss Mes can go on a trip & cruise with U-KISS for 4 days. Includes eating meals with them, play games, opportunity to get signs/photo, etc.
  • The trip with U-KISS will last ~4 days. It will start from Osaka, go to Jeju Island and then Incheon.
  • In the cruise, you can spend a very relaxing time, as the ship is very comfortable place, also are a gym and a spa there.
  • When arriving to Jeju Island, there are 3 different options for sightseeing. In Seoul, there will be sightseeing or free walk option.
  • The price for ONE person: If lodging with room mate: 109000yen (~1335$US). If lodging alone: 134000yen (~1640$US).
  • There are additional charges, such as harbour duty, tip for cruise ship staff, charge for which sightseeing options you pick, etc.
  • Foreigner can still join as long as speak Japanese and have the valid passport and documents to enter and exit Japan/Korea.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Dongho's new drama "Holy Land" Let's all support him by watching and giving him a warm and cool comment. This drama will air next month (not sure what the exact date is) So please support our maknae! For sure this is a great drama ^^

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"A Shared Dream" by UKISS

One thing I want to say about this music video is.... AWESOME!
What about you? Tell me what you think about this video.


Welcome KissMe's!

Hello KissMe's! I hope you'll enjoy and have fun with me in this blog :) I promise to keep you guys updated. I'll be posting concert dates, pictures of course and videos. Thank you! Please support me