Monday, September 5, 2016

[NEWS] 160906 U-KISS′ AJ Officially Announces Leaving the Group

U-KISS′ AJ has officially announced his departure from U-KISS.

AJ shared a handwritten note through U-KISS′ official fan cafe to share the news that he will be leaving U-KISS.

AJ, real name Jae Seop, had been taking time off from the group so that he could complete his studies at Columbia University. Although fans had high hopes that AJ would return, he has officially released a statement saying that he has made the decision to leave the group as his contract with NH Media has ended.

In the revealed image, AJ′s handwritten letter has also been translated into Japanese. He writes that after consideration, he has decided to leave NH Media. He thanks the fans for their love and support throughout the years and says that he will return as a better musician in front of them.


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